Sunday, 3 May 2009

5 Minutes of Fame!

Ok, so I went out with my mates recently to a comedy night at a bar called 'The Pheonix' in Oxford Circus. The night - 'Old Rope' - is for comedians to try out their new material. Stephen Merchant was the headliner - he was quality, pulling out a Bafta and a Golden Globe! Then towards the end of his set, he asks for two volunteers to perform a play he wrote when he was 14 called choices - he needed a man and a woman to act for him. Great. Suddenly all my mates there - Spike, Rich, Fiz and my girlfriend, Jen, decide it's a great idea to start pointing at me and Jen to get up there - being in the second row, Merchant points at us to get up there! Fantastic, so up we got and this is what happened...

So what so you think? Was a good laugh in hindsight!

Looks like next week's show is going to be Deadmau5 themed as he is touring the UK at the moment - going to see him on Wednesday at the Electric Ballroom in Camden - should be mint.

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