Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Deadmau5 In The Hou5e

Deadmau5 tore it up last week at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. He got a bit merry on stage - particular highlights of this include the Mau5 wobbling around on stage, falling over a speaker, smoking under the decks and trying to drink through his iconic headwear. Maybe all this got a bit too much for him as he pushed the system to the limit - after heavily using a filter over one of his last tracks - resulting in the system cutting out. However, he recovered after a minute of silence as he frantically tapped away on his laptop. The crowd wasn't fazed as they chanted his name until he recovered. He pulled it out the bag with his remix of: The Longest Road - Morgan Page feat. Lissie. Singing along into a Corona bottle Joel really looked like he was quite the karaoke don.

So in the run up to the show I thought - why not do a Deadmau5 themed show?

Here it is...

May 5th 2009 ***Deadmau5 Special Mix***


1. All You Ever Want (Deadmau5 All My Dreams Remix) - Billy Newton Davis & Deadmau5 ***BRAND NEW TUNE***
2. I Remember (Original Vocal Mix) - Deadmau5 feat. Kaskade
3. Contact - Deadmau5 & Glenn Morrison
4. Brazil (Second Edit) - Deadmau5
5. 1981 (Adam K Remix) - Deadmau5 ***REMIX BOX***
6. To Forever (Deadmau5 Vocal Remix) - Rachael Starr ***REMIX BOX***
7. Teaser (Deadmau5 Remix) - Cirez D ***REMIX BOX***
8. The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) - Morgan Page feat. Lissie ***REMIX BOX***
9. Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix) - Gianluca Motta Ft. Molly ***REMIX BOX***
10. Clockwork (Jonas Steur Ultra Violence Remix ) - Deadmau5 ***REMIX BOX***
11. Not Exactly (Original Mix) - Deadmau5
12. Set You Slip Free - Deadmau5 And N-Trance ***THE MASH-UP***
13. Arguru Can't Get Enough - Deadmau5 ***THE MASH-UP***
14. Lola's Ghost (Deadmau5 "Ghosts N Stuff" VS Shapeshifters "Lola's Theme") ***THE MASH-UP***
15. Tiny Dancer (Deadmau5 Remix) - Marco Demark Ft. Casey Barnes ***THE RETRO RECORD***
16. Toca Me (Deadmau5 2007 Mix) – Fragma ***THE RETRO RECORD***
17. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Deadmau5 Remix) - Daft Punk ***THE RETRO RECORD***
18. I'm Not Alone (Deadmau5 Remix) - Calvin Harris ***THE CHILL PILL***
19. Move For Me (Rasmus Faber Epic Mix) - Deadmau5 ***THE CHILL PILL***
20. The Reward Is Cheese (Daft Punk Sample) (himynameismart b00tleg mix) – Deadmau5 ***ENCORE***
21. Catbread (Original Mix) - Deadmau5 ***ENCORE***

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