Thursday, 15 October 2009

Deadmau5 @ The Roundhou5e!

Hello! Hope you all are good! 5o I went down to 5ee the Mau5 5ma5h up The Roundhou5e la5t night - and ye5 he well and truly killed it. Joel played a con5iderably long 5et, which kept the crowd bouncing for over two hour5. CO2 cannon5 were in full 5trength (well not quite a5 mental a5 the cannon5 in Ibiza, but the novelty wa5 5till there!) and 5o wa5 the mu5ic. A5 he ran on 5tage from hi5 OTT vi5ual intro, hi5 5igniture Mau5 hat 5hadow wa5 projected onto the roof of the Roundhou5e a5 the light5 5hone from behind him. He 5tarted with about 30min5 of new material, which in true Deadmau5 5tyle wa5 fanta5tically melodic. He gradually built into track5 from the new album kicking off with 'FML'. He continued as he meant to go on with track5 like 'Sometimes Things Get Complicated' fu5ed with hi5 mix of Calvin Harris's 'I'm Not Alone'. Tracks like 'You Need A Ladder' (the Zelda theme tune) and 'Ghosts and Stuff' got the Mau5 dancing like the inner geek, flapping hi5 arm5 in the air and jumping on the table and embracing the vi5ual5 of 'Space Invaders'. Another 5lightly worrying factor about the Canadian'5 5et wa5 the amount5 of confetti cannon5 - it 5eems he mu5t have been either to a lot of wedding5 recently, or perhaps this is the Mau5 5howing off hi5 feminine 5ide with 5ilver, red and white 5treamer5 erupting every time an epic breakdown kicked back in with hi5 5igniture thumping ba55.

5treamers and odd dancing a5ide, Zimmerman wa5 truely on form la5t night and if anything was to take away it would be the final track. I don't think thi5 video need5 any description but it's what Deadmau5 fini5hed with and it wa5 BRILLIANT!

How cool i5 that! Keep your eye5 peeled for ticket5 at your local venue - he i5 gigging for the next week or 5o - go and 5ee! If not I'm 5ure you will be able to catch a load of it on YouTube!

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