Saturday, 13 March 2010

Dance-a-thon time again!

Ahhhh! 12 hours behind the decks…again! Yep it’s that time of the year for lucky me! Every year I DJ at my old school for a 12 hour ‘Dance-a-thon’ in aid of the Burford School Uganda Link charity. It kicks off at 8pm and goes all the way until 8am – for all students in years 7, 8 and 9 to rave away to. This year was a good laugh, even after all the hassle of tip-toeing round the new fire alarm system the school has installed. We usually use pyrotechnic fireworks to kick off the show, however, the fire alarm says no! So, I thought lets go in big with some Ibiza-esq Co2 cannons – it was all go until we found out that a 50 quid canister would give 45 seconds worth of blast and that was it! Bargain right? Oh not to mention the 75 quids worth of firing equipment! Joke, so we just went in big with the light show! Check this bad boy rig out!

The kids were great too, dancing their socks off all night, even at 5am! We managed to fight the sleep off, and keep the management happy – until 7am, when it all went off! Well, at least the fire alarm did! Sort of got a bit trigger happy on the old smoke, oops! After the fire alarm machine printed an economy bog roll’s worth of paper receipt out, we finally got the bloody thing to stop! As we continued for the final hour smoke free.  

And that was it, my seventh 12 hour music marathon, and the best one yet! Let's say I'm not quite looking forward to next year, just yet. Once a year is enough for me!

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