Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Josh Pyke

I gone done it again! Don’t worry I’m not going soft on you lot though! I just started to think, why not broaden some of your music horizons, and why not give you guys a little run down on the gigs I’ve been tapping my foot to. So this week, it’s all about Sydney boy Josh Pyke. It was a bit of an odd one, considering he was involved in a “Co-Headline” UK tour with Scot, Emma Pollock. The Tabernacle in Notting Hill gets the thumbs up for cool gig venue of the year so far for me. Supposedly it’s an old Catholic church (as one fan less eloquently responded when Josh asked “What is this place?”)

Right on time, Josh emerged from behind the curtain with his brown paper bag and guitar. Brown paper bag, what’s that all about, I thought, however it contained his wires and pedals – bless him! As he modestly set up, the crowd started to converse about how down-to-earth this guy was, as he invited us to chat amongst ourselves. He climbed up from his wires on the floor, took a swig of red wine and introduced himself. Straight in with Chimney’s Afire the Aussie went, to the 100 strong crowd – it doesn’t always have to be huge clubs or arenas! The next 45 minutes were executed blissfully, with some minimal polite chat in-between. Time was of the essence however as he was must have drawn the short straw that night, acting as the pre for Emma Pollock. So he ploughed on, cramming as many of his sun-drenched tracks in, leaving the crowd feeling all fuzzy. A beaming crowd gave a rapturous applause to his finale – Middle Of The Hill, leaving a positive ora for Emma Pollock.

Check Josh playing my favorite tune of his, Sew My Name…

Sorry for the arty/shaky black and white clip - not my professional work obviously!

Josh invited fans to the makeshift merchandise stool at the back of the hall, where he took part in his “signature” end of gig ritual by chatting, posing and signing autographs for predominantly eager Aussies.

 So big props to Josh Pyke for being a proper nice guy as always and delivering the goods musically. From such a high, Emma Pollock sort of warped it. Awkward banter and heavy handed guitar riffs blew away the clouds people pretended they were on with Josh, unfortunately. Which resulted us leaving half way through. Mean – yes, but why ruin a good night with disappointing finish? 

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