Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Lomography? What's that all about then? Well it's quite cool actually (you wouldn't of expected any less of me I suppose) - it's a type of arty/retro analogue style of photography. My girlfriend has been getting to grips and has been snap happy since December. You should go and check out her skills with her own lomography photos. Pretty mint I reckon – it’s wicked how you can take pictures over each other (multiple exposures – check me getting all techy) and do other things like splitting the image up like the one of me above. Give her a little comment, she'd love that ha! I might even have a little photo shoot to top up my artist pics on MySpace and Last.fm, hmm could be interesting! And why on earth doesn’t anyone print pictures anymore? I wish they did because it costs an arm and a leg nowadays (well a good tenner to get a 35mm film developed) so it’s an expensive but cool little hobby. Get involved!

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