Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mumford & Sons

Who? Yea, you lot might be wondering either who on earth Mumford and Sons are or maybe what’s got into me – or both! They are a folk band from London, who have exploded within the last 6 months, although their album has been knocking around since 2008 – only now they have been picked up by the mainstream. Folk, WTF Sam! – some of you may be shouting at your screen – but my girlfriend’s musical taste is rubbing off on me. One of my mates said I was musically whipped the other day! Oh dear. But, to be absolutely fair they were amazing when we saw them on Saturday night in Wolverhampton. So why not do a 360 and talk a little about folk, this blog is about anything that gets you dancing, so why not!

The Civic Hall was rammo, with a well-mixed crowd, some of who were clutching onto their 2 pinter lagers (2 pints of drink in a massive plastic cup – it was mental anyone drinking a half looked like something out of The Borrowers!) and the quirky pre-act Fanfarlo got everyone’s legs shaking. The boys hit the stage after a ridiculously long wait (a good 45 mins – maybe I’m not used to it enough as dance music acts switch seamlessly!) but it was worth it and the crowd sure appreciated it too. Noise levels were incredible from the floor to the humble foursome, Wolverhampton what hosts! They dived straight into big hitters from the album Sigh No More, and energy levels went through the roof. Marcus, the lead, showcased his percussive talent, from thumping a single bass drum along with his guitar to playing a full kit and still singing the lead – how often do you see the lead behind the drums by the way?

Anywho, the banter wasn’t bad either – which was refreshing as the amount of people you see these days who turn into mutes in-between tracks is ridiculous (I spose it’s who you go to see) but either way Mumford and Sons are funny guys – check out their tong-in cheek live lounge interview here (BTW how un-charismatic is Sara Cox in this?) All in all they well and truly took little Wolverhampton by storm, and Wolverhampton rocked me – what a great people!

Mumford and Sons will be hitting festivals up this summer, go and grab some cider and jig along!  

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